Health-wise shopping guide

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We have heard all of our lives how all the additives in our processed food are bad for us. We have also heard all of our lives that we shouldn't buy food with all that junk in it. So we decided to ease into the healthier lifestyle gradually. Here is our simple shopping guide. We were able to buy healthier food just by switching brands.

Count the non-food ingredients on the label.

If there are more than 9, don't buy it.

Sounds simple, right? Here are the variations:

What does all this mean?

What about the stuff already in the house?

You were going to eat it anyway, so go ahead. Just don't buy any more of that stuff. If you accidentally buy something wrong or someone gives you something, then eat it. You'll eat more bad stuff than that at the next restaurant.
By buying healthy you will improve the quality of your life without being in bondage to rules.

What next?

After you get used to the 9-item limit, lower the limit to 8 items. If that is fine, lower it to 7, and so forth. Plan on spending a year or more gradually easing into your new lifestyle and finding out what additive limit is best for your family.
And wean yourself off of restaurants. They take your money by the fistfull and give you salty, greasy food for it.

Refined sugar

Most processed food has an unhealthy amount of sugar. This shopping guide becomes easy if you decide to not buy anything with refined sugar. Almost everything with lots of non-food ingredients contains some type of refined sugar. Honey, agave nectar, maple syrup, and molasses are not refined sugar. Almost every other sweetener is. These unrefined sweeteners still don't count as food, though, because they are highly concentrated plant juice.

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