Restoring oil to fix damaged hair

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In the old days hair color, products, and treatments used to be harsh. Therefore, they had hair-restorers that were more effective and less convenient than what we use today.

My wife's hair was badly damaged by hairdresser malpractice, so I went to the old books and looked up the old recipes. They had hair restorers like the one below.

This is the most effective hair-restorer you can make using ingredients available today. Hairdressers repeatedly told my wife not to use any home remedies and sold her expensive treatments. None of them worked near as well as this recipe. The old timers had formulas even more effective than this one, but you can't get the ingredients any more. I bought all these ingredients at Safeway.

Combine the ingredients immediately before use. They do not mix and separate almost as fast as you stir. Apply directly to the hair and work it in. The idea is to get all the ingredients over all the hair, even though they don't mix. Put on a shower cap and go to bed. Wash it out with a mild shampoo (like baby shampoo) in the morning.

Quick method: Use it as a hot-oil treatment instead of overnight. It isn't quite as effective, but is a lot faster.

Bonus: Here is an old recipe for hair gel works as good or better than anything you can buy:
Mix one teaspoon of unflavored gelatin into one cup of hot water and refrigerate for a few hours.

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