Adventure Quotient Test

By Ken Young
Version 3
Copyright Ken Young, 1997-2015. All rights reserved.

This is similar to an IQ test, but measures how exciting your life has been.  Low scores is best (like golf) because adventures are usually unpleasant.

Mark 1 adventure point against yourself for each item you have experienced.  To find your adventure quotient, divide your total by 30, your age, or the age you got married, whichever is less.

Most items give you one point if you experienced it (not 1 per experience). Some items want one point per occurance, but they are so marked. Do not take more than 3 points on any single line item.



Sport (just doing it once doesn't count in this section)



Unusual phenomena




Scoring 0.1 or less is enviable
Scoring near 0.25 is normal
Scoring more than 0.5 is bad
Scoring more than 0.75 is terrible
Scoring more than 1.0 is unhealthy

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