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Various writings for you to enjoy. These are the ones people ask me for the most.

The Dino Dudes game
with a collection of free games, too

The Roaring Rockets game (also free)

The Quilt Hopper game (also free)

Disaster Readiness
The best family disaster readiness site around

Angela Young, Writer & Editor

Angela Young Studios
Angela Young's art studio

The Father's Art
Angela Young's Scripture Art Postcards

Economic Forecasting
We can forecast the future to a limited extent with simulations

Gun Control
I researched this my whole life, and this primer is neither for nor against.
Whatever you believe, you will find the proof here.

Hair restorer for damaged hair
In the old days hair treatments were harsh and hair restorers had to work.
This hundred year old formula works better than modern products, but usn't nearly as convenient.

The Adventure Quotient Test
How much adventure is in your life?

LINA charts
This is a planning tool. LINA stands for Life Navigation.

Liquid Sweeteners
Honey, Brown rice syrup, and many other things can be used as sugar substitutes.
What is the difference between them?

Dextrose, Sucrose, and Fructose, Oh My!
What is the difference between these and more?

Hamburger Whoopie
This quick & simple recipe makes humble ingredients taste exotic.
Improbable ingredients blend to make something wonderful.
The main ingredients are hamburger and strawberries.

Health-wise shopping guide
A simple way to buy the healthy version of the stuff you already buy

Living a long, healthy, happy life
There are so many studies that say the same simple things

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